KingslandPascual Toso Magdalena

Pascual Toso Magdalena

Product reference: Arg06

The Malbec is combined with a touch of the best Cabernet Sauvignon to produce ripe, juicy raspberry fruit notes on the nose with a palate of boysenberry and plenty of vanilla, delicate spice and hints of chocolate. Enjoy it with pasta, red and white meats in light cream sauces.

RRP 54.17 + VAT
55.0 per bottle
KingslandPascual Toso Selected Cabernet Sauvignon

Pascual Toso Selected Cabernet Sauvignon

Product reference: Arg09

An elegant style, with lovely boysenberry and raspberry fruit, and plenty of vanilla. Spicy with notes of chocolate. Elegant and complex with sweet and consistent tannins.

RRP 12.49 + VAT
13.99 per bottle
KingslandPascual Toso Selected Vines Malbec

Pascual Toso Selected Vines Malbec

Product reference: Arg05

Aromas of plums and a palate of blackberry and plummy fruit. A rich and long with smoky oak and vanilla. Enjoy it with pasta, red meats or cheese.

RRP 12.49 + VAT
13.99 per bottle