Delivery Questions...

How much will my delivery cost?

Delivery charges are £5.95 for up to 12 bottles to the same address.

Do I have to order 12 bottles on every order?

No, you can order just one bottle if you like. The delivery charge remains at £5.95 per delivery (up to 12 bottles).

Can I buy a combination of products?

Yes. For example, you could have a combination of 12 different wines all for the £5.95 delivery charge.

What happens if I order more than 12 bottles?

Delivery will cost £5.95 for up to 12 bottles and then an additional £5.95 up to the next 12 bottles, and so on.

Number of bottles in order Delivery cost
1-12 £5.95
13-24 £11.90
25-36 £17.85
37-48 £23.80
49-60 £29.75

Who will deliver my order?

DHL. You can track your parcel here:

When will my delivery arrive?

Delivery will take 3-5 working days.

What if my item is out of stock?

If we encounter a stock availability problem, we will let you know. We will offer you an alternative item, inform you of the likely delay or offer a full refund.

Party or Celebration Orders

We Are Wines can help you with large orders for weddings, parties or events. Please contact us at leaving contact details and a brief explanation of your requirements and we will call or email you back. Please allow at least 3 weeks before the event to ensure stock availability for large orders.