Adegas Galagas El Cayado Bierzo Joven

Adegas Galagas El Cayado Bierzo Joven

Reference number: Sp08
Brand: Kingsland

Medium-high intensity. The varietal aromas of red fruits (strawberries, plums, and blackberries) predominate with subtle hints of floral and mineral aromas. Powerful and with nice structure and depth of fruit.

10.0 per bottle

  Adegas Galegas makes wines from three World-Class D.O.s: Rías Baixas, Monterrei and Bierzo. “El Cayado” is the typical hand staff used by the pilgrims. It is common to see pilgrims travelling through the Mencia  vineyards.   “Siguiendo El Cayado” literally translates to “Following the staff”, referencing the pilgrimage route on The Way of St. James  which crosses the Bierzo region.



Unit Size -75cl
Allergen information ­-Sulphite
Country of origin – Spain
ABV- 12.5%
Adegas Galegas
Lugar Meder
s/n 36457