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KingslandWoolloomooloo Chardonnay

Woolloomooloo Chardonnay

Product reference: Aus67

Light straw in colour, Woolloomooloo Chardonnay displays an enticing nose of peach, citrus and lemon aromas. The tropical fruit flavours and luscious mouth feel mid-palate complement each other to deliver a deliciously rounded wine with a crisp and clean finish balanced nicely by gentle acidity.

RRP 5.83 + VAT
6.49 per bottle
KingslandTierra De Estrellas Sauvignon Blanc

Tierra De Estrellas Sauvignon Blanc

Product reference: Ch16

This superb Chilean Sauvignon Blanc combines aromas of fresh grapefruit and lime followed by flavours of juicy ripe melon on the palate, balanced by a subtle minerality and a crisp, refreshing finish.

RRP 5.83 + VAT
5.99 per bottle
KingslandShorn Sauvignon Blanc

Shorn Sauvignon Blanc

Product reference: Nz13

The classic green gooseberry and passion fruit aromas and flavours of this zippy wine are topped by a crisp, refreshing finish.

RRP 9.49 + VAT
7.49 per bottle
KingslandRickety Bridge Sauvignon Blanc

Rickety Bridge Sauvignon Blanc

Product reference: Sa43

Delightful nose with mango, papaya and passion fruit dominant. Crisp and refreshing on the palate with nuances of stone fruit, guava and a subtle minerality which lingers on the finish.

RRP 9.16 + VAT
10.0 per bottle
KingslandRickety Bridge Late Harvest Sweet Chenin Blanc 37.5cl

Rickety Bridge Late Harvest Sweet Chenin Blanc 37.5cl

Product reference: Sa51

Honey, floral and ripe apricot flavours dominate with a delicate sweetness and perfectly balanced acidity.

RRP 8.33 + VAT
10.0 per bottle
KingslandRickety Bridge Foundation Stone White

Rickety Bridge Foundation Stone White

Product reference: Sa44

All 5 varietals contribute to this complete and well balanced wine. Elegant with spring blossoms, restrained peach, mango and stone fruit on the nose. Subtle hints of oak spice and a refined fruit expression. A rich and well-structured wine that finishes with elegance and freshness on the palate. 

RRP 9.99 + VAT
10.0 per bottle
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