Red Wine

KingslandAdegas Galagas El Cayado Bierzo Joven

Adegas Galagas El Cayado Bierzo Joven

Product reference: Sp08

Medium-high intensity. The varietal aromas of red fruits (strawberries, plums, and blackberries) predominate with subtle hints of floral and mineral aromas. Powerful and with nice structure and depth of fruit.

RRP 8.33 + VAT
10.0 per bottle
KingslandAdegas Galagas El Cayado Bierzo Roble

Adegas Galagas El Cayado Bierzo Roble

Product reference: Sp07

Medium-high intensity. The varietal aromas of red fruits predominate with a subtle hint of the toasting of wood.

RRP 9.16 + VAT
10.99 per bottle
KingslandAntiguo Fuerte Tempranillo Crianza

Antiguo Fuerte Tempranillo Crianza

Product reference: Sp12

This wine is deep purple in colour and has benefitted from ageing in both oask and bottle to create a smooth, rich and complex wine. Intense aromas of dark fruits such as cherry and blueberry and the subtle use of oask gives the wine sweet spice notes of clove and vanilla. Served at room temperature, this is the perfect accompaniment to grilled meats and cheeses.

RRP 6.66 + VAT
7.99 per bottle
KingslandDe Grendel Merlot

De Grendel Merlot

Product reference: Sa31

A full-bodied wine filled with a combination of different berries on the nose. Complex Christmas cake flavours, mulberry, raspberry, and blackberry fruit accompanied by liquorice and mocha flavours that carry through onto the palate. Well-supported by firm French oak tannins.

RRP 9.99 + VAT
11.99 per bottle
KingslandDon Aparo Malbec

Don Aparo Malbec

Product reference: Arg08

Colourful and lightly perfumed, with big, juicy blackberry flavors, and overtones of plum and black cherry. A good accompaniment to pasta, red meat or even pizza.

RRP 6.66 + VAT
7.99 per bottle
KingslandDuseigneur Cotes du Rhone Mas Louise

Duseigneur Cotes du Rhone Mas Louise

Product reference: Fr12

Deep red in colour, with notes of raisins, dates and spiced prunes. Full-bodied with ripe tannins and a smooth texture. 

RRP 9.16 + VAT
10.99 per bottle
KingslandDuseigneur Lirac Antares

Duseigneur Lirac Antares

Product reference: Fr11

This dense, medium to full-bodied, elegant as well as substantial, Lirac, possesses plenty of freshness and ripeness, in addition to deep, black raspberry and black cherry fruit, liquorice, smoke and garrique notes.

RRP 13.33 + VAT
16.0 per bottle
KingslandFamille Castel Vieux Papes Rouge

Famille Castel Vieux Papes Rouge

Product reference: Fr26

Merlot, Syrah, Grenache.

Ruby red colour, with notes of fresh cherry and blackberry. Delicious served as an accompaniment to French cheese and freshly baked bread.

RRP 5.99 + VAT
5.99 per bottle
KingslandJean Claude Mas Rouge

Jean Claude Mas Rouge

Product reference: Fr19

Complex nose with notes of citrus and white flowers evolving toward tropical fruits aromas. Fruit and lively with a well-balanced acidity.

RRP 6.66 + VAT
7.99 per bottle
KingslandLar De Paula Cepas Viejas

Lar De Paula Cepas Viejas

Product reference: Sp15

Powerful aromas of dark plum; very fruity underscored by toasted notes from the cask. Meaty, balsamic and powerful in the mouth, with outstanding tannins from the oak and very persistent and fruity aftertaste.

RRP 16.66 + VAT
19.990000000000002 per bottle
KingslandLive Merlot 187ml PET - 4 pack

Live Merlot 187ml PET - 4 pack

Product reference: Ch21

A fruity red wine with black cherry and plum flavours. Four bottles per pack.

RRP 5.0 + VAT
5.0 per bottle
KingslandMcManis Family Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

McManis Family Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

Product reference: Us22

Full of dark berry fruit, such as Blueberry, Blackberry and Black Cherry. Oak aging has contributed just a hint of smoke to the nose. The round, creamy wine delivers an abundance of the fruit flavors promised by the olfactory. The fruit and oak are well integrated and the complexity of the wine plays on the tongue long after the wine has been ingested.

RRP 9.16 + VAT
10.99 per bottle
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